7 Reasons to Copy Future101 - The Filipino Popular Investor who is On FIRE

Janilo Omagap is the man behind the Future101 account. He is an Electronics Engineer working as a Process Engineer in a Multinational Company. He shares his financial goal, Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) on his Etoro feed. He is active in Etoro and the Facebook group Etoro Copy Trading Philippines. He also one of the moderators of that page. With more than 15 yrs experience in stock trading and investing, he intends to achieve FIRE by 2030.

Future101's portfolio is composed of short to long-term stocks with great growth potential, dividend stocks, and ETF's. He uses GLD, $SLV, XLE, and major indices to hedge his portfolio. According to his account, he picks stocks using fundamental analysis and uses technical analysis for his entry point. He looks for undervalued companies with great potential for future growth. His target profit is 15% or more per year.

Future101 is one of the popular investors that I am currently copying. A third of my current equity is used to copy him. I copied him after copying him using my virtual account. I first discovered him on the Facebook page. The several users on that page who profited from him highly recommended him to other users. When I started monitoring him on my virtual account he had less than 200 copiers. When I decided to copy him using my real account his copiers grew to more than a thousand.

7 Reasons why I recommend you copy Future101

1. High Returns

Since starting his Etoro account back in May 2020, his account has profited 90.30% in less than a year. 

2. High Ratio of Profitable Month

Future101 has an eighty percent profitable month since he started trading in Etoro. His biggest one-month loss of -0.88% was back in September 2020. While his biggest one-month gain of 22.53% was in November 2020. As of writing, there is a 20% chance of losing up to -0.88% in a month. On the upside, there is an 80% probability of up to 22.53% gain in a month.

3. No leverage positions

Future101 does not leverage his trades. Although leveraging trades can be profitable, there is a high risk of losing your account if the market does not go your way. I would prefer copying investors who are careful with their investment.

4. Majority of his investments are in stocks

Ever since I lost money copying forex traders when I started in Etoro, I have always stayed away from high-risk traders.  I only copy traders who invest mostly in stocks. I still find Forex and Cryptocurrency too risky for investing. That is why I keep my cryptocurrency investment at a minimum.

5. Long Term investments in his portfolio

A large portion of his portfolio is dedicated to long-term investment. This allows for cushion when the market falls. Having long-term positions on your portfolio allows you to take advantage of the market downturn. He can buy on dips and hold indefinitely as long as the company is performing well.

6. Active Trader

Future101 opens an average of 36.77 trades per week. He uses a portion of his equity for short-term trades. Copier can add a small amount to their copy fund and it will still be used within a few days.

7. Low-Risk Score

With the exception of his first month, Future101 has an average of 5-6 risk score. This is below the maximum allowable risk score set by Etoro. To understand how Etoro's risk score is calculated, check out their official explanation "To risk or not to risk"

3 Reasons why you should be cautious in copying Future101 

1. New Popular Investor

Future101 just recently opened an account in Etoro. As I mentioned above, he started his Etoro account last May2020. His Etoro account is less than a year old. There is still not enough data to assess his long-term performance. Unlike other popular investors in Etoro who have been around for more than 5 years, he still has to be tested.

2. His Etoro account has not yet experienced a Market Crash.

The current market is experiencing a bull run and some analysts are already warning investors of a possible market bubble. There is a saying "when the market is in a bull run everyone is a genius", it is only during a major correction or market crash that the good investors outperform the crowd. Since I have already invested a third of my equity under him, I am a bit confident that he knows what he is doing.

3. Invests in hyped-up penny stocks

A couple of weeks, the world was introduced to the Reddit wall street bets, wherein a couple of retail investors pumped up several penny stocks bringing its prices to unprecedented gains. Future101 has managed to ride on some of these stocks on his short-term trading. The stocks mentioned on Wall Street Bets were down due to their finances but speculation has brought their stock prices up. I have some background in fundamental analysis and I personally am afraid of trading those stocks. Although Future101 has a few positions traded on these penny stocks it only accounts for a small portion of his equity.

If you do decide to copy Future101, always remember that past performance is not indicative of future results. There is always a risk that he might lose a couple of trades in the future. It is important to always diversify your account. 

Don't have an Etoro account yet? Click on the link to open a new account https://etoro.tw/3qMNrcV.

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